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The Practice Rooms - Entrance Door

Face to Face Sessions

Face to Face therapy sessions are held in the Green Room at The Practice Rooms, located at 5 Broomfield Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, S10 2SE.

The Practice Rooms is a provider of therapy rooms across the UK, capable of accommodating the diverse needs of therapists and their clients; Their purposefully focussed therapy rooms provide an ideal space for psychotherapy sessions – creating the right environment is a fundamental aspect of psychotherapy, and the work that therapists undertake.

Accessing The Practice Rooms by car: There is a car park, and usually there are spaces, but occasionally the car park can fill up. In this eventuality, there are often other car parking spaces available on the streets nearby. The car park is accessed from Newbould Lane, rather than Broomfield Road. You have to drive through the car park of Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic (next door), and then under the arch which has a sign for The Practice Rooms on it. Instructions for if you are using a SatNav or Maps can be found below: 

The Practice Rooms front entrance is located at 5 Broomfield Rd, Sheffield, S10 2SE.

Car Park entrance is located at 2 Newbould Ln, Sheffield, S10 2PL

Accessing The Practice Rooms by bus: The Practice Rooms is serviced by bus from Sheffield city centre. The 120 bus comes the closest to The Practice Rooms, but it's also possible to get the 52 bus, providing you don't mind a short walk down the hill from Broomhill.

Accessing The Practice Rooms on foot: Please go to 5 Broomfield Rd, S10 2SE. This can also be seen on the map on my contact page

Online Sessions over Zoom

Online Psychotherapy offers a convenient and personalised approach to mental health care. Online psychotherapy sessions are often better suited to people who have busy lifestyles, and are short on time. Online sessions can also be useful for people who are unable to attend physical attend my practice perhaps due to distance, or mobility issues etc. All online sessions take place over Zoom which you should be able to access using a free plan.

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Image by Paul Hanaoka

Sessions over the Phone

Like Zoom, a Psychotherapy over the phone is also great for people who are unable to attend for a face to face session. Generally speaking Zoom is better if possible, but a phone session can be great for when you don't have your laptop, or tablet available, or perhaps if you are unable to connect to a decent wifi signal for a zoom session.

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